Registration Information

Registration is now open for the baseball Minors and Majors divisions for our 2020 session. Families who do not live in Altamont's boundaries can register if their local Little League cancelled the season. To start the process, click the "Register" button on the upper-right of the page. You will need to create an account with our website (even if you already have an account with another Little League's website). If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Eric Shields at [email protected]

If you are interested in tee-ball, baseball Rookies divisions, or softball, please contact Eric Shields at [email protected] We are looking for more volunteers for those divisions so we can expand our offerings.

We would like to make the following explicitly clear:

1. By participating in Altamont programs, you accept an increased risk of being exposed to infectious diseases, including the novel coronavirus. We will follow local and state guidance for youth programs to reduce this risk, but we cannot eliminate this risk.

2. This will not be a traditional Little League season. All we are claiming is that we will do our best to provide opportunities for your children to play at the level allowed by local and state guidance. We will operate the league in accordance with guidelines provided by the state.

3. We may or may not play games. At this time competitive games are explicitly prohibited by state law. If that situation changes and we have enough teams to support competitive games, we will play games. However, it is also possible that we will not be able to play games and will only hold practices.

4. The season will run from whenever the county lets us on the fields (hopefully June 15th) until the end of August.

5. Based on the unusual nature of the season, we have had to combine some teams. Teams may not all have matching uniforms. We will attempt to provide a uniform that matches other players on the assigned team, but we make no guarantee. We will also do our best to accommodate jersey sizes.

6. We have limited spaces available for players based on the number of volunteers we have. Registration preference will be given to families who are willing to provide a coach since that allows us to serve more children. We provide a variety of coaching resources, so really all that's necessary is the desire to work with the kids and help them improve and have fun.

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